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The Lucifer Principle – A Book Review

The Lucifer Principle

I got my hands on this book through recommendation from a friend, because it’s his one of  the favourite books, and he thought I would like it as I like books of similar type. A book written after a thorough research covering various areas from genetic engineering to mythology to ancient civilizations to religious texts to scientific discoveries to industrial revolutions.

All the topics centre over the three main concepts – Superorganism, ideas, and the pecking order

A beautiful, informative and exciting book explaining the way man (woman, for that matter) behaves in a way he (she) does with proper reasons along with other examples of animals behaving in the same manner. Man, though an advance creature than the other primates like monkeys and langurs and chimpanzees and orangutans, still has animal instincts that will not go away.

A nice read indeed which gives you a different perspective at looking at things.

Book Details

Title: The Lucifer Principle
Author: Howard Bloom
My Rating: 4 Stars
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