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The Fountainhead – A Book Review

The Fountainhead

This is one of the most brilliant books that I have read. After reading this and giving it 5 stars, I do feel that I might have rated earlier books a bit higher.

All the characters in the book, from Ellsworth Toohey, Peter Keating, Gail Wynand, Dominique Francon, to Howard Roark are beautifully developed by the author, Ayn Rand.

While reading the book, never had I thought that Ellsworth Toohey would be so vicious and would become so powerful that he will, by his sheer network and power bring the Banner to a standstill. Similarly, I couldn’t see myself feeling sad about Peter Keating’s or for that matter Gail Wynand’s condition at the close of novel.

Ellsworth Toohey was a master puppeteer selecting ordinary people in his circle, making them feel extraordinary, and in the process, draining them completely of whatever self confidence they had, and still instilling complete faith in him. The build up to the climax was totally brilliant.

A nice read, an edge of the seat thriller.

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Title: The Fountainhead
AuthorAyn Rand
My Rating: 5 Stars
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Important… But Not Urgent

Though famous, I was completely ignorant of “The Eisenhower Decision Matrix” which is popularized by Stephen Covey in his best-seller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“. A friend of mine, gave a very beautiful perspective of this matrix to me a few days back, which he in turn had received from his manager. I would like to discuss the same perspective here.


The matrix consists of a square divided into four boxes, or quadrants, and labelled as: 1) Q1 – Urgent & Important, 2) Q2 – Not Urgent But Important, 3) Q3 – Urgent But Not Important, and 4) Q4 – Not Urgent & Not Important

Now we always find time to work on something that is Urgent as well as Important (Q1). And, similarly, whether we have time or not, we need to find time and work for something that is Urgent though Not Important (Q3). Most of the time, we don’t even bother to work on Q4, something that is Not Urgent and Not Important.

What remains, and is sidelined is work that is Important But Not Urgent (Q2). We never find time for it as it is not urgent, and when our boss asks for the same, we don’t have it. But this is the work that is really important and can get you in a soup.

So, takeaway from this article is always make a list of activities that are IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT.

Book Review

The Fortunate Pilgrim – A Book Review

A Fortunate Pilgrim

I had read somewhere that Mario Puzo himself considered this as his best work. Similarly, he used to be deeply hurt when people said that Godfather was his best work. He said that the seeds of Godfather was sown in this novel of his, “The Fortunate Pilgrim”.

So, with this background, I started reading this book. Having read and loved Godfather, my expectations from this book were very high.

I could relate and see why the author saw the seeds of Godfather were in this book. The decisions that Lucia Santa had to take in order to ensure that the Family is saved from all troubles, the way she pulled the plug on Frank Carbo in order to ensure that Family remains intact & the reason for a cold war between her and Gino make us remind of instances in Godfather. What more than the similarity between the transformation of Gino and that of Michael Corleone.

It is a pleasure to read this book, and a must read for lovers of Mario Puzo’s work.

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Title: The Fortunate Pilgrim
AuthorMario Puzo
My Rating: 4 Stars
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